Power Boost Woven Interlining


Sew Much Cosplay™ Power Boost Lining from RNK to the rescue!

Fiddly fabric fraying before you can stitch that seam?
Thin fabric falling flat and needs oomph?
Itchy Fabric against your skin?
Need a stretchy fabric to act like a woven fabric?
Want to wear your cosplay all day, but still need it to breathe?

What makes our product different from the competition?
This whisper-thin fusible fabric tames even the most frustrating of fabrics to make it easy to cut and sew. Simply fuse Power Boost Lining to the wrong side of the material and then follow your pattern instructions.

Perfect for:
Backing brocade and other fabrics that fray
Backing itchy fur to make it smooth against your skin
Adds body to thin satin and organza fabrics
Works great in t-shirt quilts!
And Sew Much More!