Meritorious Machine Medals - This Machine Saves Lives

$15.00 - $130.00

Your machine deserves an award, and so do you!

If you made any PPE, masks, scrub caps, or more during this trying time, then your machine deserves this special recognition for it's service to our fellow humans.

This die-struck, all metal award badge is 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter, and comes with a 3M adhesive on the back. Just clean off a flat portion of your machine and stick it on. (Aim carefully, it's not repositionable!)

Stick it to the front, side, or hand wheel of your machine! Anywhere flat will do!

Look for our other Meritorious Machine Medals coming soon, so leave room on your machine for future medals!

A portion of the proceeds of this medal will go to Madonna Ptak Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center in Clearwater FL. I am proud to support this facility, where my mother spent her final days in her fight against cancer.

Available as single badges, or in a "group pack" at a slight discount.