Master Sales in Your Market Segments ONLINE CLASS!


Do you wish you could tap into what the quilting industry professionals and top marketers know and apply it to your business? By knowing your product, customers, and competition inside and out, you can finally craft a plan to reach your dream customers and make sales.

With all of the competition online for your products and services right now, unlock the secrets about what makes you and your product unique and learn how to leverage it.

In this class you will learn what a market segment is and why you need to use them, who your customers really are, who your competition is, what changes your business may need to make to get ahead, how to leverage the data you collect, and the basics of sales (especially if you hate sales)!

Jump in to a deep dive into the heart of your business and really understand your market segment!

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You will be emailed a PDF with Instructions on how to access the private Facebook group where the online class will be held. The video is live and ready to view in the group once your membership access is approved.
Includes lifetime access*. You will be able to ask questions and get help from Cheryl.
Due to the nature of this online course, refunds are not available once purchased.

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