Learn Virtual Teaching - Business Consultation Hour


Want to learn to teach virtually but don't know where to start? Or have you done a little research and need to make sure you're on the right track? Or do you need help selecting the right format for converting from live in-person teaching to virtual, and want to make sure your class translates?

Book an hour of consultation with me!

I can help you with your virtual teaching plan. I set this up this way because every teacher's needs are different and this way you get a custom plan that works for you and the way you want to teach! I also can help you with making sure your guild lectures are ready for the digital world.

All topics are open from class planning, revenue idea brainstorming, marketing/social media tips, branding, and much, much more. I am also available for product development and marketing plan consultations.

Limited spots available.

-I have helped many small and mid size businesses and corporations formulate plans, tackle out of control projects, build a brand, create social media campaigns, and solidify their goals and ideas. What I'm NOT is an ongoing "life coach". You schedule time with me as you see fit to help get yourself and your goals on plan, but you do the work independently.

-If you want to let me know what you would like to discuss ahead of time, that's great! Otherwise, think about what your goals are, your challenges, and we can come up with a plan together to achieve them.

-I will send you a confidentiality and non-disclosure, so you may discuss your ideas with me in private and confidence. This will come to the email address you enter on your order. Please look for it and sign it!

-After our session, I will write up a list of action items with dates for you to complete them by for you to work on! You work on this at your own pace.

Here's some people who have worked with me in the past:

"While I was at Market last week, I booked two hours of consultation time with this brilliant, gem of a lady, Cheryl Sleboda. Let me tell you - that was a life-changing 2 hours. I use a lot of business gurus, coaches, mentors, etc., but there is NOTHING like someone who specifically knows your industry and can see where you going and help get you there. She is truly gifted and has so much experience in building and growing a brand, a business, a successful venture.
So anyway, if you're in the industry and you need a boost, some direction, someone to help you stay focused, she's the one!" - Andi Barney, The Sewing Doc

"One of the best things I have done is schedule a consult session with Cheryl Sleboda. The items we discussed and action items we have laid out are truly what I needed to help me continue to learn and grow. I can't begin to say enough about how amazing Cheryl is. If you need advice, help deciding the next steps to take and to develop an action plan be sure you get in touch with her and schedule an appointment." - David Gilleland, Vector Quilts

I can't wait to work with you and help you achieve your teaching business dreams!